Whitepaper Hey Re:born Platform Roadmap About Us

Charting Our Course: A Roadmap to the Future

Hey Re:born project will be developed and implemented in three distinct phases. Discover how we are revolutionising the plastic surgery industry by leveraging cutting-edge technology, including blockchain and token economics, to puts consumers in control.

2021 Q4 to 2022 Q1
Phase 1 is all about laying strong foundations for Hey Re:born Ecosystem, developing a robust product-market fit, and gaining traction.
  • Released Whitepaper v1.0
  • Token Generation Event (TGE)
  • Seed/Pre-Sale
  • Set vesting plan for pre-sale, private sale, treasury, marketing, team, and advisors
  • Kickstarted Development
  • DEX Listing on PancakeSwap
2022 Q2
  • Kickstarted Community Building & Growth
  • Partnerships formed with top cosmetic surgery clinics and hospitals, starting in Seoul, South Korea
2022 Q3
🚀 HEY Re:born Platform Launched
Action packed quarter of 2022 saw us releasing beta and version 1 of our platform within a month. We also released the initial version of our much anticipated Advertising Module, enabling all hospitals and clinics on Hey Re:born to run effective advertising campaigns to our users.
  • (July - August) Released Hey Re:born Platform Beta in South Korea
  • (August) Released v1 of Hey Re:born Platform
  • Released Advertising Module (v1)
  • Released Community Module (v1)
2022 Q4
🚀 First CEX Listing
  • Released User Incentive and Rewards System (Activity Points) (v1)
  • Listed on Digifinex Exchange
2023 Q1
🚀 Re:Born 2.0
  • Conduct Smart Contract Audit
  • Publish Whitepaper 2.0
  • Deploy Smart Contract Upgrade
  • Reduce Maximum Token Supply
  • Kickstart Development of RB Wallet (with Built-In Swapping and Staking Features)
  • Release Hey Re:born Platform v1.5 with stability improvements
2023 Q2
Phase 2 is about strengthening the platform ecosystem, building out the rest of the core components and value-added modules for businesses and consumers, and expansion beyond South Korea.
  • Release v2 of the Advertising Module
  • Kickstart Development of Built-In CRM for Clinics and Hospitals on the Platform (Accessible via Staking)
  • Kickstart Development of the Email Marketing Module
  • Kickstart Development of the eCommerce Component (Re:born Mall)
  • List on a Global Exchange
2023 Q3
🚀 First Int'l Expansion
  • Launch Membership NFTs (for Staking Users)
  • Release Email Marketing Module (v1) for Merchants (Clinics, Hospitals, and Brands)
  • Release Community Module (v2) for Consumers
  • Release RB Wallet Alpha Version with Swapping Feature (Enabling Users to Swap Between $RB Tokens and Activity Points)
  • Launch English version of Hey Re:born Platform
  • Expand into Indonesia Market with Localised Version of the Platform
2023 Q4
🚀 RB Wallet Beta Launch
  • Release RB Wallet (Beta) with Staking Feature Added
  • Launch Re:born Mal - eCommerce Component (Beta)
  • Release Advertising Module (v3)
  • Release CRM (Beta) for Clinics and Hospitals
  • Launch Hey Re:born Metaverse Experiences on Partner Metaverse Platforms
2024 Q1
🚀 Second INt'l Expansion
Phase 3 is all about growth, expansion, and building partnerships in each country where Hey Re:born expands.
  • Release RB Wallet (v1) with Full-Fledged Staking and Swapping Features
  • Launch Access to Advertising Modules to Businesses outside South Korea
  • Expand into Vietnam Market with Localised Version of the Platform
2024 Q2 & BEYOND
  • Enter Thailand, Philippines, and Singapore Markets
  • Build Ecosystem Partnerships (Crypto and Non-Crypto)
  • Launch Governance DAO