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Chloé Nguyen

Influencer Ambassador & Partnership Manager (Vietnam)

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Chloé is a dynamic influencer and collaboration manager with a striking ability to forge connections in both the Web3 influencer space and exclusive Web3-focused communities. Currently working as a liaison and collaboration manager for NFT projects, she connects them with an extensive network of over 135 NFT influencers, delivering successful outcomes for CubeX, Primates, and Polychain Monsters even in challenging market conditions.

With a solid background in project management from the aviation industry, Chloé skillfully combines her operational expertise with a remarkable flair for partnership management and influencer relationship management in the Web3 realm.

As Hey Re:born gears up for expansion into Southeast Asia, particularly Vietnam, Chloé is poised to leverage her impressive experience, establish efficient structures and processes, and ensure agility and scalability to navigate the market challenges, all while fostering strong partnerships and influencer relationships for continued success.