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Kim Seung Hyun

Chief Product Officer

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Kim Seung Hyun is an experienced product manager with a track record of successful app development and payment system planning. He has a master's degree from Kyunghee University and completed a CMD program at Midwest University. Kim has worked as a product manager at The Noble Joyjoyclavant App Development, Video Partners Co., Ltd., and Delivery App, where he played a key role in planning and participating in the development of various apps and payment systems.

With a wealth of experience in product planning and development, Kim Seung Hyun is an expert at identifying consumer needs and translating them into innovative product solutions. As the Head of Product at Hey Re:born, he leads a team of talented professionals in creating and refining the company's offerings, ensuring that they are of the highest quality and meet the needs of customers. His commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction make him an invaluable member of the Hey Re:born team.